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Chickita is proud to have its own 100% Natural chicken exclusively for all their outlets. Our freshly raised farmed chickens are delivered daily, this is the key element that we guarantee ONLY by using fresh chicken in chickita outlets.

Our philosophy is never to use frozen chicken ensuring we provide our guests with consistent
quality of flame-grilled chicken at all times whether dining in the restaurant or having taken away.

We are very proud of focusing on a farm to table approach for our concept.

Our secret signature sauce recipes which have been carefully developed to compliment Chickita flame-grilled chicken. Our team is proud to work with local farmers in West of Vietnam – An Giang Province & Tien Giang Province along the Mekong River who source the best local small red chillis.

Chickita team have developed signature sauces for its flame-grilled chicken where guests are able to select what kind of sauce they would like the chicken to be basted with to maximize the full flavor of the grilled chicken.

One also may like the grilled chicken simple cooked and can always enjoy sauce on the side where we have our selected sauces available in our opened pantry in the restaurant. The spice levels have been carefully made to ensure that all customers are able to enjoy different spice levels of the homemade sauces

“I strongly believe that a successful concept is the one that carries the heart,
passion & soul in all its food and services.”
– Asif Mehrudeen –


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